Welcome to my profile, I am more than happy to provide you with more insights in my background!

Despite belonging to a marginalized community, I am very well aware of my many privileges. Therefore, I believe it is my duty, to work to the best ability I can, to strengthen the position of those most negatively affected by normative notions.

It is vital to have cultural, societal, political and legal change to have a sustainable impact and improve the lives of the most marginalized within our society. That is why I am passionate about policy development. Creating, analyzing, and developing policies results in a long-lasting change in all domains.

I always utilize my interdisciplinary educational background in my way of work, which is one of my major strengths. At the same time, following my educational path, I started my consultancy agency when I was 19 years old, and I have been involved in international LGBTQI+ organizations for many years.

My goal in life is to ensure that there’s safe, authentic and inclusive space for communities who may not have access to public accommodations, policies, rights, and space. However, I cannot do this alone, and therefore we need to work together.

Please get in contact with me, and I am looking forward to meeting you personally, and exploring how we can work together in the future.

Warm Regards

Patrick van der Pas
He / Him / His

I started my educational trajectory at one of the more practical oriented levels and grew up. My program, Marketing, Communication, and Event Organization provided me with strong organizational skills. With these skills, I have organized multiple large-scale events, both national and international such as the International LGBT Student Day.

After that, I enrolled in Hospitality Management, which is on a Higher professional education level. Realizing I could transfer to the university, I took the challenge and started my bachelors in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at the University of Amsterdam. In my graduation year, I managed to complete three minors in Gender and Sexuality, Governance and Policy, and in Global Health, Care and Society.

Now I hold a double master’s degree in Public Policy and Human Development, with a specialization in Social Protection, from Maastricht University and United Nations University. Principal subjects were Public Policy, Public Policy Analysis, and Public Economics, which skilled me in policy analysis, creating social protection programs, and impact evaluation. My Master’s thesis was titled Safeguarding Human Rights of Individuals with Intersex Experience in The Netherlands and got nominated by United Nations University for the Max van der Stoel Human Rights Award.

At the same time, following my educational path, I started my consultancy agency when I was 19 years old. Specializing in Business Development and Concept Innovation, I managed a variety of projects in a wide range of industries. Client base represented a variety of industries, for example, non-profits, profits, universities, and governmental bodies. The diversity in my work provided me with the ability to adapt to new situations quickly and to easily switch between multiple projects, without losing overall coordination or progress. Performances are highlighted with creating and implementing a new concept for a restaurant, increasing their annual revenue from € 400.000 to € 1.500.000 after 1,5 years.

Before starting my own company, I worked part-time as a host in the period from 2008 to 2012, which skilled to handle difficult interpersonal situations. In 2012 I got promoted to floor manager. I managed a team of 15 people daily (fulltime) and was responsible for the daily routine, structure and profit management. I completed the full organization of banqueting activities, such as weddings and receptions, which improved my project management and synchronization amongst teams.

Furthermore, I worked as a project manager for the Wijkkeuken van Zuid project of Freehouse Foundation in Rotterdam (NL). The goal of this initiative is to create new, local district value chains based on existing and potential qualities. As a project manager, I developed work procedures and implemented them successfully, assisted in creating new public (meeting-)spaces, and remodelled existing ones. Managing daily events, promotions and supporting the finance department strengthened my capabilities of working independently and in a structured manner.

Combining a company while being enrolled in study programs additionally provided me with well-developed project-management and time-management skills. Both have proven to be invaluable in basically every project or position in which I have been.

Alongside my educational trajectory and running my consultancy agency, I have been involved in international LGBTQI+ organizations for many years. This work brought me to many places, from New York to Athens, and provided me with the opportunity to give workshops and presentations on Human Rights and Diversity and Inclusion Policies in, for example, Montpellier and Madrid.

After doing other social volunteering work for a while, such as being a host and emergency response officer at the Ronald McDonald Kindervallei, I started to focus on LGBTQI+ related issues. Together with some friends, I co-established an LGBTQI+ youth foundation in Maastricht, called LGBT Maastricht.

Under my leadership, the organization became the fastest-growing LGBTQI+ association for students in the Netherlands with over 500 members in the first year. The weekly social events on Tuesday evening were visited by 80-150 LGBTQI+ and straight allies a week. I ensured to not only concentrate on organizing events but also aimed for more structural social changes in the city of Maastricht. Together with my team, we were able to conduct this with other student associations, political parties, Maastricht University and the municipality of Maastricht.

Another highlight in this role was the International LGBT Student Day. For this event, I managed to successfully bring together over 110 organizations, each with their distinct social issues and interests, to cooperatively challenge the problems they face in their fight for equality. The event included an info stage, workshops, an art exhibition, lectures, a movie theatre with documentaries, a fashion show, info market, and several performances. Being the president of LGBT Maastricht for two years and the originator of the International LGBT Student Day opened new doors for me.

I became a Civil and Human Rights Program Developer at PrideUnited. In this role, I structured research methods and analyzed the local impact of Prides around the world. Individually I performed extensive research on the global Pride movement, which was published, and I was co-author of the Pride Radar Reports in 2015 and 2016/2017.

Working towards my current voluntarily obligations, I co-organized a day focused on Trans* issues in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL). I was also in the International Advisory Committee for the Guadalajara LGBTQI+ 2018 Study (MX), and a member of the Advisory Committee for the Human Rights Summit at WorldPride 2017 in Madrid (ES). In this last role, I controlled and ensured a well-balanced group of experts, politicians, and activists with a variety of experiences and perspectives in the Human Rights summit.


InterPride (US) is the world federation of LGBTQI+ Pride organizers and ties Pride together globally. I started as a secretary of the Human Rights Committee, a meaningful role that I continue to fulfil as of today. Working closely together with people from all over the world on sensitive, political issues, and in complex situations, has provided me with strong diplomatic skills and a good sense of cultural sensitivity.

Next to being secretary of the Human Rights Committee, I am also a member of the WorldPride Committee. In this committee, we assist bidding organizations with their proposal as well as recommending acceptance or denial of said applications to the general membership of InterPride and ensuring that the host organization has all the stipulations of their contract fulfilled.

In September 2018, I was appointed as Regional Director for the geographic region as defined by InterPride, Region 13, which consists of France, Monaco, Belgium, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands. Main activities in this role are to maintain good relationships with Pride organizers in the countries mentioned and to strengthen their events by representing them at InterPride’s Board of Directors. Additionally, I am assisting Pride organizers wherever I can by providing information, sharing experiences, and translating their problems into possible solutions.

In 2019 I was nominated and appointed as co-chair of the Governance Committee of InterPride. In this role, I run the committee that focusses on structurally improving InterPride as a global organization. We safeguard all processes and policies and analyze them continuously to see how these can be improved.